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Mientras el intrépido equipo de Mavericks se aventuraba en las aguas de Net Ocean, las cosas en el continente Folder fueron de mal en peor. Una semana después, los Pawnchessmons sobrevivientes informaron la huida de Velkemon y sus amigos al resto de las Autoridades. Lordknightmon, quién yacía postrado en su trono en el castillo de Raining Forest, sujetaba con elegancia una copa de vino teñido de rojo sangre mientras el emisario Pawnchessmon blanco se limitaba a observar.
—Así que… Velkemon ha huido del continente.
—Correcto, mi lord. Él y los Mavericks humanos —asintió Pawnchessmon.
— ¿Ha dejado a alguien a cargo?
—Sí, mi señor, un Digimon llamado Mikemon. El resto de los Mavericks le siguen fielmente y es igual de ágil que Velkemon.
El salón del trono era oscuro y siniestro, tan grande que podía escucharse el silencio. Lordknightmon se quitó el yelmo rosa, dejándo
:iconmiklazteles:Miklazteles 5 20
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Innocence | Digimon G2

I'm trying different poses and moods for my characters, this time, Nanokorimon demonstrates he can look cutie, even more than other of my characters.

"Innocence" is because babies or some children like to grab their feet, that's why I drew Nano such as you can see.

Nanokorimon © :icong3drakoheart-arts:. All rights reserved.
S.E.R.V.E.R.S. 3rd. cover

This work hasn't ended yet. S.E.R.V.E.R.S. and its whole fandom need a lot of care and growth, that's why I tried to make a better book cover for this story in Wattpad (

© G3-Drakoheart Arts. Yun Gonzalez. All rights reserved.


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Yun González / G3!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm an artist that desires to reveal a different way of arts, original, straightforward and exceptional ones. Everything turning around in the constant evolution as axis.
Tagged by :iconomega-knight-x97m: (I did it, finally).

   1.       You much answer all the questions as your digimon would.
   2.       OC Digimon ONLY maybe some cannon!
   3.       No tag backs.
   4.       Tag at least 4 people (if-you-want).

Let’s begin.

Hello, Okay so first question who/what are you?
"My name is Nanokorimon."

Did you hatch in the primary village?
"Hatch? Wait... I came from a digitoken!"

What is your attribute?

Hero or Villain?
"Hero, of course! Didn't you see my wooden sword?"

Do you have a partner/tamer, if so what’s their name?
"Yeah! He is Takeshi Korinosenshi."

What do you and your partner like to do the most, Train/fight, eat, sleep etc?
"We've had a ton of adventures in Digital Glaciers... but we like to train."

Are you part of a team? Does the team have a name?
"Glacier Guardians."

What is your strongest attack?
"High jump! I use my sword to perform this."

Awesome, Okay now do you have a Burst mode, Super Ultimate form or can you fuse with another digimon?
"Well... I've reached doublespirit digivolution, it's Cryocrusademon. So nice, indeed!"

Who is the strongest digimon you know?
"Yikes... is there anybody stronger than Kingdrakanomon?"

What do you think of the Royal Knights?
"Uh... so neutral, although I fought along with one of them. He was a great colleague!"

Digital world or Human world?
"I prefer human one, 'cause Takeshi's familiy & friends are really groovy."

You go for an attack but your opponent reviles a trap card that will destroy your monster if its attack points are below 1600, what do you do?
"Card games? I just know about Klondike, bro!"

Do you know any of the following people listed? Tai Kamiya, Ken Ichijouji,  and Mikey Kudo?
"Neither of them."

What is your biggest fear?
"Seeing Takeshi's suffering. And that makes me angry, too..."

Alrighty last question, If you had only 1 last day with your partner before you had to return to the digital world forever what would you do. (only answer if your OC have a partner)?
"I could to play videogames with him, and then would do a great painting... I think so."

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